Conservatory window blinds

Pleated conservatory window blinds are ideal to complete the finished look of your conservatory. They are discreet and provide privacy when closed and because they almost disappear when folded, will provide maximum light when open.

Conservatory window blinds can be installed in three ways:-

  • Our fitted version is a blind attached to your window and operated with a tab handle.¬†This method is neat and one of our most popular treatments
  • Our free hanging conservatory blinds are cord/chain operated and can cover a number of glass panels with one blind
  • Our motorised free hanging conservatory window blind is similar to the cord operated version but fitted with a Somfy motor in each blind and operated with a remote control which¬† can be used from anywhere in the house

The choice is yours and depends on personal preference and budget. Whichever model you choose, you can be assured that the finished product will be extremely elegant and effective.

There are over 100 different fabrics and 4 rail colours to choose from!